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Chameleon Supplies


ReptileBuzz - Amphibian and Reptile Care Information
ReptileBuzz provides practical care guides for many of the popular reptile and amphibian species available in the pet trade.

The Feeder Store

Beardie Breeders

Looking for Reputable Python Breeders?  Locate Breeders in your area with ease using our Python Breeder Directory.  Find info on licensing your  Pythons.

Reptiles And More Reptiles
Reptiles and more reptiles. Cool videos,many reptile photos, list of reptile breeders, reptile themed apparel, reptile themed jewelry, and supplies.  Fun place to visit for anyone who love reptiles.

Snakes and More Snakes
Description: Ball Python Breeders List, Ball Python Morph List with  photos, Corn Snake Breeders List, Corn Snake Morph List with photos. Boa Breeders List, Boa Morph List, Snakes of the US, by State, many photos, many videos, many Snakes and More Snakes.

Interested in a reptile for a pet? Things you need to know before you decide on a  reptile. Reptile health and care, reptile supplies, reptile magazines and reptile forums

Reptile Creations
Quality bred Leopard Geckos, Fat Tail Geckos, Crested Geckos, Pictus Geckos and Viper Geckos.

Reptiles and More Reptiles

Reptiles4Pets-Reptile Information for the Newbie!
What you need to know before you decide on a reptile. Reptile Health and Care, Reptile Supplies, Reptile Magazines and Reptile Forums

Animal's Worlds
Animals worlds helps you to know the worlds amazing animals. Animals are the great resource of this world and they populate in every corner of the  world. They are the fascinating and joy inspiring creatures of the  world.

Cold Blooded Care
This site is dedicated to the care and well-being of captive reptiles.

Ball Python Genetics - Markus Jayne Ball Pythons
This is a comprehensive tutorial on the genetics of the ball python mutations. Courtesy Markus Jayne Ball Pythons

The Blood Line
Specializing in Blood Pythons.

Boa Basement
Home of many different species and morphs of the boa constrictor

Elegant Reptile Images
Here you will find crested geckos and many snakes, courtesy of Robbie Hamper

Reptile Den Forums
A UK reptile forum

The Basking Spot
The internet spot for herp news and links

Terrarium Polish Wiki Site

Gregg's Reptile Basement
Breeder of rare and exotic Snakes.Fed Ex Certified - International Shipper - located in south central PA

M-n-M Snakes

Ball Pythons in the wild DVD
Embark on an amazing field trip with Dr. Steve Gorzula as he takes you on a  fantastic journey through the bush of Ghana, Africa to learn about and  explore ball pythons in their natural habitat. Approx 2 hrs., region code free!

Terrarium Polish Wiki Site

Cornel's World
This small home based business is dedicated to providing quality, custom-sized terrariums, at an exceptional price.

McCarthy Boas
Boa constrictor breeding and custom reptile cages

Henry Piorun Reptiles
A Canadian reptile breeder specializing in the care, husbandry and propagation of pythons, boas and select colubrids. www.a1pythons.com.

Regal Reptiles
Regal Reptiles, in Providence, RI, is Rhode Island's only reptile zoo. Regal also offers reptile educational programs.

Reptile Kingdom
At Reptile Kingdom we specialize in all types of reptiles and specialty  supplies. From rare high end animals to animals commonly found in the pet trade today.

Caresheet.com | Caresheets For Pet Reptiles, Amphibians And Small Animals.

A1 Reptiles
Specializing in German Giants and Blood Bearded Dragons.

Bearded Dragons and Other Creatures
We are currently working with many different blood-lines and color morphs of bearded dragons.

Texas Reptiles
The finest captive bred animals and quality imports from around the world

RCReptiles.com - Ball Python Breeder.

Reptile Forums - Herp Center
Herp Center is dedicated to providing its members with information pertaining to reptiles in a friendly, online community.

Natural Solutions

Die Reptilien Seite

Quality Captive Bred Chondros
Qcb chondros, a private breeder of morelia viridis (the green tree python) located in montana, is dedicated to promoting conservation of green tree pythons through education and captive breeding programs.

Critter Caravans
Our reptile show offers a unique “hand-on” experience that entertains while educating the audience about reptiles from all over the world.

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